Who am I?

The name’s Cally and I am a raconteuse (female storyteller) and an aspiring writer who lives with eczema (and topical steroid withdrawal currently). To help distract myself from the ever-present itch, I like to write about whatever comes to mind especially if it relates back to eczema and/or my life. As eczema forced me to traverse away from the beaten path and my detailed career plans, I am constantly reinventing my story.

My Mission

To provide evidence-based research, health literacy, and community creation, health and wellness to as many communities as possible.

My Background

I received my Bachelors in biology from Swarthmore College in 2014, and then worked as a physical therapy aide in Rockville, Maryland for a year or so. I started a doctorate of physical therapy program at MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston from 2016-2017, with the intent to specialize in women’s health. Unfortunately my chronic eczema made me change gears and so I transferred into a non-clinical field and got my Masters of Science in Health Sciences. In June 2018 I gave birth to a baby girl, and so that has been a whole new adventure.


As I figure out motherhood (ha), I mostly work in volunteer departments for various projects. As they come to a close, I’ll mention them below (check back later).

Social Media

You can follow my adventures on instagram.


I am NOT a medical provider: None of my blog posts are intended to be taken as medical advice for your unique self. They are more for general information acquisition- to whet the appetite for self study and research, and hopefully to entertain. Should you have specific questions relating to your health or specific conditions, please contact a medical and/or health professional.

Sharing my material: If you enjoy my posts or what I’ve talked about, please feel free to share them! Just remember to give credit to me if you use my images personal images or content.

Mistakes and inaccuracies: If you notice I have written something that is inaccurate, please contact me and let me know (but be kind, I am only human!). I strive to be as factual and accurate when citing sources and information, but if I miss something or write something incorrectly, I would love to be informed.

Artwork, writing, photos: Unless otherwise stated, all artwork and writing are my own. Note: many of the photos I use for the blog post cover are NOT my own work, but are from the free photo library of images within wordpress.